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Alacarte: All Curries come with Plain Nan and Plain Rice.

Dinner (Thali): All curries come with Plain Nan, Plain Rice, Raitha, Sambar, Dal curry, Vegetable curry of the day, Papad and one dessert.

Vegetable Cutlets (mixed vegetable patties) 2 pieces          $3.95
Vegetable Samosa (Pastries with potato and green peas filling) 2 pieces$3.95
Chana Chaat (Garbanzo beans with onion,chilli & spices) in12oz box$3.95
Dahi Vada (Lentil cakes in Yogurt) 2 piece$3.95
Spinach Pakora (Spinach in chickpea dumpling) 12oz box$4.95
Onion Pakora (Cut Onion pieces in chickpea dumpling) 12oz box$4.95
Potato Pakora (Long cut potato in chickpea dumpling) 12oz box$4.95
Cabbage Pakora (Cut Cabbage pieces in chickpea dumpling) 12oz box $4.95
Paneer Pakora (Cottage cheese cubes in chickpea dumpling) 120z box$4.95
Moong Pakora (Red lentil dumpling) 12oz box$4.95
Cut Mirchi ( Green chilli bites in chickpea dumpling) 12 oz box$4.95
Chilli Pakora (Stuffed Green chillies in chickpea dumpling) 4 pieces $4.95
Chicken Pakora (Chicken bites in chickpea dumpling) 12oz box$5.95

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Palak Paneer (Cheese in Spinach & cream sauce)$6.95$9.95$11.95